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Professional Designation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (PLS)

The Professional Designation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (PLS) recognizes individuals that have developed a core competency of knowledge in this field.  The topics addressed within the PLS include those confronting logistics and supply chain managers on a global basis:  competitive strategy, customer value and service, logistics costs and performance, responsiveness, lead-time management, collaboration across multiple enterprises, globalization, risk management, integration of supply chain processes, and transforming the logistics organization.  The knowledge base represented within the PLS provides the foundation for understanding logistics and supply chain management and prepares the individual for a career in this challenging profession.

The objective for the PLS is to enhance the individual’s professional understanding of international value-creating networks.  Our increasingly competitive and globalized business environment is forcing more and more firms to explore and implement strategies for increasing collaboration and integration across their supply chains.  The vision of an integrated, collaborative network of suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers across a distribution network focused on maximizing value for customers is moving from a competitive advantage to a competitive necessity.  The PLS will present issues, challenges, strategies, and practices to assist firms in succeeding in these value-creating networks.

Challenges and issues to be explored will include: performance measurement; inventory positioning; lead time management; synchronization of activity between firms; managing international networks; and risk management.  Capstone topics include the implementation of the value chain vision among supply chain partners and challenges to be faced in leveraging this vision into a competitive capability.

The PLS fee is $350, which includes a study guide. The examination consists of multiple choice questions selected from material contained in the following textbook as well as selected outside readings:


Christopher, Martin, Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Creating Value-adding Networks, 4th Edition, London, UK: Pitman Publishing. ISBN 0-273-68176-1.

The PLS designation requires recertification every five years. Requirement for recertification include attending an industry-related conference, industry-related education program or completing a module in the ASTL CTL certification.  The PLS designation also waives the Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy (LSCS) module in the CTL certification program.

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