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ASTL & Inbound Logistics Announce New Scholarship

Inbound Logistics Magazine has a fundamental and long-standing commitment to logistics education.  When the magazine was conceived in 1981, the business term we call ‘supply chain management’ today did not exist in name, and certainly not in practice in many enterprises.

Inbound Logistics Magazine’s mission was, and still is, to educate the business community about the benefits of demand-driven logistics -- matching demand to supply, and aligning the enterprise to support that philosophical shift.

Because most businesses were not structured to permit the level of cross-functional cooperation needed to allow adoption of these ideas, Inbound Logistics Magazine decided to make its case to the place where the next generation of logistics practitioners would come from – educational institutions and the military.

Back in 1981, there were no supply chain courses, and many schools taught ‘traffic management’ as part of their general business curriculum.

Today, however, a broad number of diverse and dynamic educational institutions are driving the level of supply chain practice to new heights, and reaching an ever-growing number of students. The impact of logistics education on global business practice is profound, and Inbound Logistics Magazine wants to continue to support this achievement.

To show our support, we are offering a $2,500 scholarship in conjunction with the AST&L to one undergraduate student. To apply, students will be asked to submit an essay on why they chose a logistics and supply chain career, and how they envision that career impacting the company they will work for, as well as the U.S. and global economy.

The length of the essay is approximately 2,000 words, and submissions must be received by March 15, 2013. The scholarship will be awarded in June 2013. 

Essays will be submitted to Laurie Denham of ASTL, and will be judged by Inbound Logistics Editor Felecia Stratton. Inbound Logistics will announce the winner, and feature selected participating students, in its June 2013 Logistics Careers and Education issue.

We invite everyone to visit the Inbound Logistics Web site, www.inboundlogistics.com/invite, to subscribe.  You may also want to check out a list of IL’s extensive logistics education resources at http://bit.ly/logisticsedu.

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